Next Inflection is the brainchild of Ralph Fernando, supported by a network of specialists across strategy, operations, technology and data.

Our journey began in a small town in southern Germany, the location of a well-established consumer goods company. Ralph arrived on day one to support a major operational transformation. Unfortunately, the strategy developed by a leading consultancy and signed off just six months previously was declared "no-longer right for us" by the CEO. We were asked to "revise the strategy and get going on consolidating our operations!". Surely this was not the most effective way to transform a business.

As we have experienced many times since, the square-peg of traditional organisational management no longer fits the round hole of increasingly dynamic environments. We must move away from the endless three-year cycles of developing a strategy, designing the operating model to support it and then using technology to make that operating model more effective. The world has changed, and so must the practices of its organisational leaders. 

Next Inflection's approach is based on a simple premise: increased organisational agility unlocks significantly improved performance. We help organisations to accelerate value creation, increase control and reduce risk by making the leap from setting direction managing it.

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What we do

We transform performance through increased agility, helping organisations to:

Build infrastructure

We design, develop and embed the infrastructure required to run a successful agile organisation


  • Performance management
  • Data platforms and infrastructure
  • Technology design and implementation
  • Ways of working
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Develop Capabilities

We train and coach key stakeholders in a wide range of practices and tools relevant to Agile Strategy


Our change management expertise ensures that, when we leave, your staff can lead with confidence.
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Leverage specialists

We recognise that it is impractical and inefficient to keep all specialist skills in-house on a full-time basis

Trusted Partner

We provide access to high-calibre data, technology, commercial and operational specialists when required
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Find out more about services for established organisations here, and for start-ups and fledgling businesses here

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