Transform performance through increased organisational agility

The Financial Times book on our approach, Agile Strategy: How to create a strategy ready for anything, is available now.


Defining “agility” as “the ability to adapt quickly”, this is a practical, "how to" guide to transforming performance through increased organisational agility. Introducing the RADAR framework, it provides those charged with leading the strategic development of their organisation with a new approach to strategy and the associated tools and techniques required to implement it.

The book is organised around the five components that comprise the RADAR framework:

Six Box Model

At the heart of the Agile Strategy approach is the “Horizon” - the place where market opportunity meets organisational capability - and the “Five Key Questions” that define it. The Horizon acts as a governing focus for the present and a destination for the future. As with the real-life Horizon, new elements come into view as you move towards it; the book shows readers how to define, manage and measure this Horizon, and how to change course (“Horizon Shift”) when new obstacles and opportunities appear (e.g. changes in the market place or in the organisation itself, such as through acquisition).

The book distinguishes itself from other approaches in that it is:

  • An approach which integrates strategy, operations and technology: To create greater organisational agility, strategy, operations and technology must be designed and managed together. Only then can we move from traditional views of "setting direction" to an agile approach of "managing direction".
  • Commercially-led: The approach is not a lightly airbrushed business rewrite of agile software development practices, but rather a fundamental rethinking of commercial and operational business transformation.
  • Practical: It is anchored in innovative and robust concepts and remains practical and action-oriented.
  • Results-focused: It is grounded in the definition and delivery of measurable business benefits.

Praise for agile Strategy

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Great, practical guide getting to the essence of ‘agile’ for business strategy

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Detailed, clear and a fresh look at strategy

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Great book

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